Welcome, creature of life. This is a small blog about topics in the field of law, society and technology. It is operated by lawyer (German attorney-at-law, Rechtsanwalt) and IT nerd Baltasar Cevc, who has also founded the law firm fingolex.

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The responsible person for this website, including in terms of tele media laws as well as press laws is: Rechtsanwalt Baltasar Cevc Fichtestr. 42 91054 Erlangen Germany Phone: +49 (0)9131-68248-0 Email: baltasar.cevc@fingolex.com VAT ID: DE30 73 94 670

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Privacy notice

Valid as of: January 2024 1. Overview This document explains which of your data we process and how. It explains who we are, what data we work with, for what purposes we process it and what rights you have in this context. The responsible entity, specifically the controller as to GDPR, is: Baltasar Cevc Fichtestra├če 42 91054 Erlangen Germany baltasar AT cevc-topp.de 1.1 Overview of processing acitvities We only process the data necessary to provide the website....

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